Rodent Proofing

My Insulation Guy offers quality rodent proofing services across Riverside County, San Bernardino County and Orange County, CA at affordable prices.

Rodents are a big menace in many homes. These pests enter your attic through small openings and gnaw at air ducts, water pipes and electrical wiring. They are attracted to fiber-based thermal barriers, which they shred and nest on. Rats in particular can bring more than 30 different diseases. It is best to get the services of experts to neutralize rodents and prevent these threats to your health and safety.

Benefits of Rodent Proofing

You should call an expert to rodent proof your attic before they cause serious and costly damage. By being proactive, rodent-proofing your attic will give you these benefits:

It keeps your indoor air clean and safe.

The risk of diseases and allergies is prevented. Animal infestation contaminates your attic insulation with hazardous allergens from the droppings, urine, and dander they leave behind. In such cases, insulation removal and replacement may be necessary.

It keeps insulation in good condition

Having damage-free insulation will prolong the life and efficiency of your attic insulation.

Signs of Rodent Invasion

Call the experts for help with your rodent issues when you notice the following signs of rodent infestation:

Professional Rodent Proofing Service

There are some actions you can do to prevent rodent infestation, such as keeping your yard kept up, including no trees or branches leaning against the house. Also, store pet food securely. If pests have found their way inside your home, call My Insulation Guy for expert rodent proofing. We help you regain control of your attic and prevent rodents from returning.

Affordable Rodent Proofing Service From the Experts

Achieve a rodent free attic and home with quality and professional home insulation services from My Insulation Guy. Our cost is a fraction of the cost Pest Control companies will quote you. If you are located in Riverside County, San Bernardino County or Orange County, contact My Insulation Guy today for a free estimate.



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