Insulation Removal

Insulation removal might be necessary if the original material becomes damaged. Pests and excess moisture can result in unhealthy air quality for your family and an energy drain for your home. Call now for a free, professional evaluation of your attic.

If you want to add more insulation to what you have now, that’s a smart move. But if it’s got some kind of contamination, it puts you and your loved ones at risk. We can remove the damage, sanitize the area and add clean replacement fibers.

Old Water Damage

If your house has suffered water damage or an undetected leak, your fiber-based thermal protection could have been damaged. While newer varieties resist moisture better than before, your home’s original barrier might have gotten wet. This can compress it and lower its R-value. Worse, it can lead to hidden mould and mildew in your attic or basement insulation.

If fungus gets into your heating and air conditioning ducts, it can worsen allergies and lead to other respiratory distress. Insulation removal and replacement with a new layer means cleaner and healthier air throughout your house.

Boost Your Energy Efficiency

Is your home as energy efficient as it could be? Not if the current thermal barrier is matted down by old damage. Fibrous insulation relies on thickness to achieve its resistance to the transfer of heat. If it’s compressed, any gaps will be open to temperature changes. Warm air will escape from your home to the outside in winter and into your home during the summer.

If your energy bills have been rising, it’s time to look into it. Let me help!

Pest Infestation

Have four-legged visitors been hiding out in your attic insulation? Many types of critters can get inside but the most common is rodents. They are attracted to various kinds of fiber-based thermal barriers; they shred it, nest in it and use it as a toilet. Rats alone can carry more than 30 different diseases.

Droppings, urine and natural oils may be in your thermal barrier right now. We can do a complete removal and decontamination, and add a fresh replacement. Even more important, we can block the path your tiny intruders took!

Expert Insulation Removal

Blanket-type fiberglass is the easiest to remove. We hand-roll it and wrap it securely to reduce the chances of contaminants becoming airborne. And we clean up any dirty areas before we lay a fresh layer. Blown-in fibers are extracted with secure hoses attached to powerful vacuums. Because the vacuum source is outside your home, it creates a negative pressure that ensures fibers will not fly around and contaminate your indoor air space. 

Is Insulation Removal Necessary?

Not always. It can save you money to add fresh insulation on top of the base you have now, even if the original layer is dusty or scattered with debris. However, contamination by fungus or bio-hazardous waste is another matter! Call My Insulation Guy and I will perform a thorough inspection.

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