Radiant Barrier

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A radiant barrier is an effective heat control project for your attic. In conjunction with a proper level of insulation, radiant barrier provides a one-two punch combination against heat, resulting in immediate comfort in your home and dramatic decrease in your utility bills.

Why Do You Need Radiant Barrier?

A material such as aluminum foil has excellent radiant barrier properties of high reflectivity and low emissivity. High reflectivity allows it to reflect much of the roof’s heat upward. Its low emissivity property reduces the amount of heat that it radiates on through the attic insulation below.

Your roof absorbs a great amount of heat and then radiates into your attic and home. Installing a radiant barrier is important to combat the major form of radiant heat transfer not currently being controlled by your conventional insulation.

The radiant barrier will not damage any roofing materials if done professionally, as an air gap must be left. Unaffected by humidity, the foil insulation will continue to perform at a consistent level no matter how humid the seasonal climate is.

The radiant barrier offers a permanent way to reduce your monthly utility costs. It is a wise investment, especially in a warm and sunny climate.

Benefits of Radiant Barrier

When installed in an attic space, radiant barriers can reflect or block 95-97% of the radiant heat transfer, resulting in a 30-degree reduction of attic temperature below the radiant barrier. Lowered temperatures above living space ceilings through the installation of a radiant barrier can:

Professional Radiant Barrier Service in Riverside

My Insulation Guy makes the installation of a radiant barrier in your attic fast and effective. We use the best quality radiant barrier foil, which is double sided, perforated and durable.

We follow the open ridge or staple up method of installation. It involves pulling a long piece of foil to one end, pulling it tight, and stapling it on every rafter using 3 or 4 staples per rafter. We leave a little space at the bottom for the ventilation to come up from behind the foil. When the first foil is done, the next foils are stapled next following the same procedure. We also leave a space on top for warm air to escape. The foil may be wrapped around vertical or cross supports and trusses. Slots for wind turbines and static vents are likewise left open. The openings will facilitate air to come in from behind the foil, all the way to the top for warm air to find its way out.

Affordable Radiant Barrier Installation Service From the Experts

Achieve a more comfortable home with quality and professional radiant barrier installation from My Insulation Guy. We offer the best price for radiant barrier installs. If you are located in Riverside County, San Bernardino County or Orange County,  contact us today for a free estimate.



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