Air Duct Replacement

My Insulation Guy offers quality air duct replacement services across Riverside County, San Bernardino County and Orange County, CA at the best price.

A well-designed and installed air duct can last about 10-15 years on average. However, a poorly connected ductwork, or if it has multiple holes, may not serve you efficiently that long. These conditions make your HVAC system work much harder than it has to, which increases your energy bills. You should maintain the proper condition of your air ducts. They should be replaced when deemed necessary for your HVAC’s smooth operation and energy efficiency.

An air duct network is designed to guide the air that enters through the air vents to the main heating or cooling component of your central air unit. When the air has been heated or cooled, the air duct guides it back out of the air vents distributing it throughout the home.

air duct replacement before and after
air duct replacement

Benefits of a Well-Maintained Air Duct

When properly maintained, your air duct will provide the following benefits:

Signs that You Need Air Duct Replacement

When you notice a significant difference in how your air ducts are functioning such as a sudden increase in humidity inside the room, have your air duct system checked. Other red flags to watch out for include the following:

Professional Air Duct Replacement Service

My Insulation Guy is a professional contractor specializing in air duct replacement and other insulation services. Our more than 30 years of experience in the industry has provided thousands of homes the benefit of a cleaner environment and energy efficiency.

We are based in Riverside but service all of Riverside County, San Bernardino County and Orange County. Expert workmanship, excellent customer experience and affordable prices have been our competitive advantage.

We install the right size air duct for your HVAC system to support its performance and efficiency. We remove defective air ducts, dispose of them and replace them with new, clean and well sealed ducts to last many, many years. Our method ensures that your system is cooling your entire home uniformly, not just a certain parts of the house. We measure airflow and sees to it that the ducts have straight runs.

Affordable Air Duct Replacement Service From the Experts

Achieve a more comfortable home with quality and professional air duct replacement from My Insulation Guy. We charge significantly less than HVAC companies. If your home resides in Riverside County, San Bernardino County or Orange County, contact us for a free estimate.



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