Wall Insulation

Most homes built before 1975 do not have insulation in the walls. Also, few homeowners are even aware that their home has empty walls. During the winter, insulated walls will serve to hold the heat in and prevent warmth from escaping. Once insulated, the walls won’t feel ice-cold and condensation/mold is significantly less likely to form. Wall insulation makes a huge difference in the comfort of a home.  During the summer, wall insulation will reduce the amount of heat coming in through the walls and help contain the coolness of your home. The South & West facing walls are often referred to as the “hot walls”, the sun tends to bake on them causing the walls to be hot. These heated walls often tend to radiate heat into the home even well after sundown. Once insulated, the heat entering the home is dramatically reduced.


wall insulation

Stage 1

We drill holes 1-1/2” diameter 15″ to 16” on center on the exterior Wall cavities. We make sure to go above and below the fire blocks, each cavity requires 2 holes minimum.
wall insulation

Stage 2

We then pump fire, insect & rodent deterrent cellulose insulation in the wall cavities using high pressure. This process compacts very densely,  giving a high R-Value Rating.
wall insulation

Stage 3

We then use our exclusive under the surface patch to seal strengthen and lays a foundation for the texture stage patching.
wall insulation

Stage 4

The most critical stage of this process is the texture matching, Over 30 years of experience
goes into this process. The under surface patch from stage three fuses with our texture patch,
to form one solid surface. Unlike some of our competitors who only use one layer of patching that cracks and deteriorates in a short time. Our patch outlast the EXISTING STUCCO! We can guarantee on most homes a 100% texture match!
wall insulation

Stage 5

To give a turnkey service, we then do a “fog in” color match, on 70 to 80% of the wall surface.
The side benefit is a freshened up look on the whole exterior of your home, for nickels on the dollar!
wall insulation

Stage 6

Each wall is inspected for texture and color for a perfect match and consistency.
“Most homes look better when we leave than before we started!”

We 100% Guarantee that most homes will be good as new or better than when we started!
If we can't give a 100% Guarantee on texture and color we will let you know up front!

This is a house that was built in 1958. Walls are 4″ thick and zero insulation. This is after Green Fiber Cellulose was put in the walls. The AC has been turned off for a day to run the test.  Time of day was 4:30 pm and the outside temp was 96.1 degrees. As you can see there is a 40-degree difference between the outside wall and the inside wall. Less heat radiating through the walls means your heater and AC do not have to work as hard.  50% less heat load means 50% less on your utility bill.

wall insulation

Look at it this way, most people look hard and never find a safe investment that will return 40% to 50% on their investment, well this is it. This is a one-time procedure that consistently pays a dividend monthly for the rest of your life. The test above is something you can repeat yourself, or we can check this during our free inspection.

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