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3 Reasons QuietCool Whole House Fan is a Must Have

A/C Savings

Monthly Bill:

  • Saves up to 50-90% on your monthly A/C bill
  • Lowers the core temperature of your home
  • Induces thermal mass cooling
  • Exhausts heat pocket in the attic

HVAC System:

  • Reduces A/C runtime
  • Extends the system’s life
  • Delay the inevitable replacement or repair

When To Run Your Quietcool For Optimal Savings:

Run the system anytime the outside temperature is cooler than the inside temperature – typically when you get home from work in the evenings or in the early morning. You can run the fan on high for just a few minutes to exhaust the heat from the attic and then shift into the low setting to run throughout the night.

quietcool whole house fan installation

Cooling and Comfort

Breeze an a Switch:

  • Instantaneous relief (moving air makes you feel 10 ºF cooler)
  • Consistent airflow
  • Balances upstairs and downstairs temperatures

When to Run The Quietcool for Cooling and Comfort:

Run the system in accordance to your personal preference. Everyone is a little different but if you prefer a temperature of around 70 ºF – you will be able to turn on your fan when the outside temperature hits somewhere in the neighborhood of 80 ºF (because of the airflow will automatically make you feel 10 ºF cooler).

Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality

Long Term Health Benefits:

  • The EPA reports that indoor air quality may be 2-5 times more polluted than outdoor air quality
  • The American Medical Association reports that indoor air quality is directly responsible for up to 1/3 of our national health bill
  • Eliminates top causes of indoor air pollution such as VOC gases and toxins from the home by adding “active ventilation”
  • Completes air exchange in 3-4 minutes year-round, regardless of outdoor temperature

Everyday Common Tangible Air Quality Benefits:

  • Combine with a PollenTec Screen to eliminate 99% of all dust, allergens, and pollens
  • Eliminates kitchen and bathroom odors
  • Eliminates pet dander

When to Run The Quietcool for Ventilation & Indoor Air Quality:

Run the system anytime the outside air quality is “good”. Outdoor air quality is easy to monitor in real-time reports by visiting www.airnow.gov or by checking your local weather station app. You can also view www.pollen.com for real-time reports and forecasts regarding pollens and allergens. As long as the outside air quality is “good” you only need run the fan for 3-4 minutes for a complete air exchange. This means you can run it regardless of the outside temperature – it doesn’t matter if it’s 22 ºF outside or 122 ºF because 3 to 4 minutes is not enough to induce any thermal mass change. There is no better solution for the IAQ problem than running a complete air exchange with a QuietCool. We recommend doing that at least twice per week for a happy and healthy home.

How does QuietCool Whole House Fan Save You Money?

A 3 Ton, 36,000 BTU Air Conditioning Unit operating at 3,500 watts in California with an average price of 16.7 cents per kWh would cost $4.48 if ran for 8 hours.

A 5 Ton, 60,000 BTU Air Conditioning Unit operating at 4,860 watts in California with an average price of 16.7 cents per kWh would cost $6.22 if ran for 8 hours.

Comparably, using a QuietCool Stealth Pro 4.8X Whole House Fan operating at 408 Watts on High Speed in California with an average price of 16.7 cents per kWh would cost $0.52 if ran for 8 hours. And if operating at 113 Watts on Low Speed, it would cost $0.14 if ran for 8 hours!

When you think of all the times you use your AC unit throughout the year, it is no wonder your utility bills are so expensive. Switching from your AC unit to your QuietCool whole house fans saves you money the first day it is installed.

Smart Attic Fans - quietcool whole house fan

QuiteCool Smart Attic Fans

Attic fans keep your attic safe and your attic cool and ventilated all year long. An attic fan can save you up to 30% on your A/C cooling costs by just cooling your attic space. Attic fans allow you to cool and ventilate the largest portion of your home that A/C doesn’t reach. This process of cooling and ventilating your attic allows your home to stay cooler, longer because it is no longer working against your attic which can get up to 160 ºF. An attic fan not only works to keep your attic cooler but it also keeps your home safe from humidity and heat damage!

Smart attic fans are the newest revolution in the attic fan industry. A smart attic fan features a built-in thermostat and/or humidistat that directly controls the motor speed based on the conditions in the attic. By self-adjusting to the attic conditions, the fan is able to maintain an optimum year-round attic climate while minimizing energy consumption.

In the summer months, a smart attic fan will prevent the attic from reaching scorching hot temperatures that, in turn, transfer into the living space below.

QuiteCool smart attic fans typically feature a smartphone app that offers the ability to control all parameters of the attic fan from temperature settings, humidity settings, and it even allows you to see the current conditions in the attic. 

Studies have even shown that a smart attic fan can keep your attic within 10 degrees of the outside temperature, even during the peak heat of the day.



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