Attic Cleaning Services

My Insulation Guy offers quality attic cleaning services across Riverside County, San Bernardino County, and Orange County, CA at the best price.

You may think that any home improvement you will make no longer involves your attic; it is the area you so rarely visit, anyway. Think again. If notice strange smells in your house and your energy bills are unreasonably high, a dirty attic may be significantly contributing to it. The air quality inside your home and your home’s energy efficiency are, to a great extent, dependent on a clean and decontaminated attic.

Benefits of Attic Cleaning

Attic cleaning will ensure that the settled dust levels remain low, prevent rodent infestation, and keep your insulation functioning properly, providing the following benefits:

It reduces toxins and irritants.

The air quality in your home has a strong effect on your health. Low air quality can cause asthma-related conditions and other respiratory issues. Dust mites and allergens from rodents, cockroaches, and other pests have been found to be present in many homes, posing a number of serious health problems.

It increases energy efficiency

Removing old, dust filled insulation and replacing it with R38 blown cellulose will provide you optimal energy efficiency it keeping the heat and cold from penetrating into the house.

It reduces maintenance costs

Attic cleaning by a professional will let you identify problems early before they turn to be major expensive issues.

Professional Attic Cleaning Services in Orange County CA, Riverside County and Surrounding Counties

With over 30 years of experience cleaning attics throughout the counties of Riverside, Orange and San Bernardino, My Insulation Guy is the expert you want in your home and attic.

Our cleanup service involves not just decluttering your attic but expert inspection of your attic condition, including:

Our attic cleaning entails a lot of hard work to reach tight spaces. Our technicians move into difficult positions, usually on knees and backs throughout the duration of the process. We have to deal with hazards such as electrical wiring, plumbing, and overhead nails. Nonetheless, we use a heavy-duty industrial vacuum and hoses reach every nook and cranny in the attic.

Affordable Attic Cleaning Services From the Experts

Achieve a safer, cleaner and more comfortable home with quality and professional home insulation services from My Insulation Guy. We are consistently the lower quote for attic cleaning services. If you are located in Riverside County, San Bernardino County or Orange County, contact My Insulation Guy today for a free estimate.



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