1) BEST PRICES – We employ no sales staff; therefore, we don’t have the bloated prices of other
contractors. I will personally conduct a free estimate/evaluation of your insulation needs.

2) NO HARDS SELLS OR UP-SELLING – Salespeople with other contractors demand both spouses present
to close a sale on the spot and they will try to up-sell you on services to boost their commission. On the
other hand, I will provide you options to make your home energy efficient that is within your budget and
leave the estimate with you to decide on your own time whether to hire my services.

3) QUALITY WORK – We do not employ guys from Home Depot parking lot. We genuinely enjoy our
work and helping customers achieve comfort in their home. And we only hire qualified technicians that
share our commitment to providing 5-star service.

4) BE ON TIME – Yes, I actually show up on time to estimates and scheduled jobs! I value your time and

5) NO DEPOSITS – Everyone has an experience of dealing with a contractor that took a deposit and then
never showed up again or didn’t complete the job. You don’t pay a penny until the job is completed to
your satisfaction.

6) CLEAN UP – Hate those contractors that leave a mess and expect you to clean up? So do we. We
employ techniques that minimize any mess during operation and conduct a thorough cleaning
afterward. Sorry, that does not include dirty dishes.

7) REBATES – Other contractors think they are doing you a favor by informing you of rebates for making
your home more energy efficient. I will go the extra mile to handle all aspects of the rebate process for
you so that you get money back.

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