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At some point, every Riverside County (Inland Empire) homeowner is going to need an insulation company to partner with. Locals here know that company name is My Insulation Guy.

It is important to truly understand the importance of having quality insulating materials in place. Fail to protect your Riverside County (Inland Empire) in this manner and you could be left out in the cold, or at least just feel that way in your home.

What We Can Do For You

We understand that local customers want to have a better comprehension of what we do and why it is important. Just knowing we offer services like attic insulation is not enough. You want to also get why this effects you and your Riverside County (Inland Empire) home.

  • Insulating your home is what helps improve the energy-efficiency. This is important for a number of reasons, including the fact that improve efficiency is what helps lower your energy bills. In other words, you can save money on your monthly utility costs.
  • The good thing about enhanced energy-efficiency is that it is also good for the environment. This means you are leaving behind a smaller carbon footprint which is the greener thing for your household to do.
  • Of course, it certainly doesn’t hurt that this makes your home more comfortable. The goal for you and your family is to have a safe and sung place to call home. Having sufficient, quality insulation is an important factor in making that possible.

Set yourself up for long-lasting success by contacting us as your Riverside County (Inland Empire) insulation company. We promise you will be beyond satisfied with the results we provide.

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“Jesse and his crew did a phenomenal job replacing our insulation. They were not only professional and thorough, but also very considerate and extremely polite. They did a great job removing old insulation, sanitizing the entire attic space and installing new insulation, all while keeping our house as clean as they possibly could since we have a toddler who sticks everything into her mouth. They also went above and beyond to seal off our attic as much as they could, and gave us professional opinion on what other improvements are necessary for our attic space. Unlike a lot of professionals, Jesse is very amiable and open to communication, working with him was was a pleasant experience in itself. We could feel improvement in keeping heat in as soon as the job was done. The pricing is very reasonable for the quality of work done. Highly recommended!

– Minya S.Chino Hills, CA

“It’s always nice to work with small business. It’s even better when the guy quoting you is the one doing the job. Jesse was the obvious choice. 

My wife and I have lived in our home here in corona for 1.5 years. Summer 2018 was brutal. Our ac unit is under powered. Turning that on is as good as blowing air out of my mouth with an ice cube in front of it. Our home would reach up to 95 degrees IN THE DAY TIME. We could run the air ALL day and it wouldn’t drop below 87 in the house. Ridiculous. 

We have the same issue in the winter. If it’s 45 outside, it’s about 50 in the house. We’ve already had some cold days for Southern California standards this winter. One of the nights dropped to about 37 last week or two! Even if we ran the heater, it would turn off and turn right back on in 15 minutes. My wife is pregnant, and the last thing she wants is to be more uncomfortable. 

Jesse said, ‘You’re like my ideal customer because you guys will definitely notice the difference since you have no insulation.’ Jesse was right. We basically had no insulation in our home. And I can say for certain that we are already significantly more comfortable now we that have our r38 insulation. Wow. It’s 45 outside as I write this, and it’s 65 in the house. We’re not even running the heater. I’m waking up in the morning without freezing my butt off when I get out of bed. What a luxury. 

If you want honest, fair, reasonable, and quality services and prices with the family business touch, My Insulation Guy is the choice for you. 

Thanks Jesse. Dina and I are already very happy with the work. Even though our ac sucks, you might save me 5k down the road! :)”

– Lawrence T.Corona, CA

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