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New for 2014, QuietCool has introduced the Professional Series of QuietCool whole house fans.

In this series, we have two lines; the Stealth Pro and Trident Pro.

These lines were engineered to coincide with each other PERFECTLY. Both lines offer a small bedroom fan, large bedroom fan, small hallway fan, and large hallway fan.

The differences between the lines lie in the motor technology used to run the fan. The Trident Pro uses our standard PSC motor that offers above-average energy efficiency and ROI, at a lower initial purchase price. The Stealth Pro uses an innovative ECM Brushless motor that has the highest-energy-efficiency in the whole house fan market that offers a better ROI but at a higher initial purchase price.

The entire Professional series offers an easily cleanable removable grille, an optional R-40 insulated winter cover panel, standard wall switch controls included with every model, and an industry-leading 15-year manufacturers warranty.

Our QuietCool engineers have been hard at work designing the best fan series for our customers and contractors alike. The fans in our Professional Series are the BEST whole house fans to ever hit the market!

Remember, if it doesn’t say QuietCool on the label, it’s just another fan.

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